17 November 2012

Smitten with a kitten

It was a normal Sunday, just like any other, when I had a surprise visit from my Mum.  I was just about to leave for evening Church with my Godfather when there was a knock at the door, and in walked my Mum and her friend with a box.  After having closed my eyes as she presented it from behind her, she opened the box to reveal a tiny four legged friend with big round eyes beaming up at me.  It was an 8 week old tabby kitten!

I was hustled out to Church after that fleeting moment of shock and sat through the service as my Mum and friend stayed home to ‘cat-sit’.  It didn’t seem real!  After telling some friends of what had happened only moments before leaving the house, I received some of the most bizarre name suggestions I’d ever heard... some of them rather inappropriate...  I’ll say no more...

He has now been named, Merlin.

He likes to disappear and then magically reappear underneath your feet.  He also has a fascination with pens and likes to bat them around with his tiny paws, it looks like he’s waving a wand.  Well... a little bit...

So I’m smitten with my kitten;
a lovely addition to compose my tiny family, that definitely makes my house more of a home.

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